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Every day thousands of judgments are awarded by our judicial system across the United States. 

  • Wage Garnishment
  • Bank Levy
  • Asset Forfeiture and Seizure
  • Property Liens

We offer a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION case analysis of your judgment.

If it is determined that there is opportunity to successfully pursue your judgment, we will extend an offer to work your case on a contingency basis for a reasonable percentage of the collected funds.    

If you have been awarded a judgment and would like to receive a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION cases analysis, you may submit your judgment online by visiting our “Submit Your Judgment” page.

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Our Retained Attorneys are able to Enforce judgments through a variety of methods including but not limited to:

, more than eighty percent of those judgments go uncollected. The most common misconception is that once an individual is awarded a monetary judgment, they will receive immediate satisfaction; this is entirely false. Fact is, once the court awards the judgment, it is entirely up to the judgment creditor (aka the individual or entity awarded the judgment) to collect from the judgment debtor (the individual or entity who the judgment is awarded against).  In the majority of cases, the judgment debtor fails to satisfy the judgment since there is no threat to the debtor for not paying, either by the hands of court system or the judgment creditor.

Southern Judgment Enforcement & Recovery specializes in using the most advanced techniques to assist in the collection of monetary judgments. 


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